Our Pricing

With low overheads and a 25 yard commute to our workshop we offer competitive prices and are happy to try and work within your budget.

We are a VAT registered company and trade enquiries are welcome.

Picture framing is not an exact science and pricing can vary significantly from piece to piece. We have included some guide prices for some of our services in the sections below.

Picture Framing

With a large range of mouldings to chose from the cost of framing a picture can vary widely. The cost of glass, mount cutting, backs and assembly of the frame does not vary quite as much.

For a 16 x 12 inch print or photograph without a mount our prices would range from around £30 to £70 depending on the moulding chosen. Adding a custom mount would be around £8 for a single mount and £15 for a double mount.


Framing a canvas print or painting

Framing a loose canvas involves two processes:

1. Stretching the canvas onto a custom stretcher frame. Expect to pay around £22-30 for a 16 x 12 inch canvas depending on the depth of the frame.

2. Framing the stretched canvas. This can be done using a standard frame moulding or a 'shadow gap' profile. For a 16 x 12 inch frame prices would range from around £30 to £60.

Acceptance of a canvas for stretching is subject to approval upon inspection.


Glass Cutting

We use 2mm thick float glass for almost all our framing jobs and keep a range of pre-cut standard sizes in stock from 6 x 4 inches to  20 x 16 inches. Our standard sizes are:

6 x 4 inch, 7 x 5 inch, 8 x 6 inch,10 x 8 inch, A4 (297x210mm), 14 x 11 inch, 16 x 12 inch and 20 x 16 inch.

We can cut replacement glass up to 48 x 36 inches but would recommend a maximum size of 24 x 20 inches due to fragility if you plan to take the glass away with you. Expect to pay £3 per square foot (minimum £2)

Glass replacement

If you have broken the glass in a frame and would like us to replace it for you we are happy to help. Pricing would vary depending upon the size and condition of the frame and whether any remedial works need to be carried out before re-assembly.

Mount Cutting

We keep a range of standard size mounts in stock in Arctic White to suit pictures from 5 x 3.5 inches to 16 x 12 inches.

We can cut custom single or double mounts up to an overall size of 40 x 30 inches.

For a 16 x 12 inch print or photograph a custom mount would be around £8 for a single mount and £15 for a double mount.

Standard stock colours are: White, Arctic White, Black, Gold  and Silver