Sixtrees Camden 6-354-68 Ornate Silver Nickel Plated 8x 6-inch embossed photo frame. Complete with Microfibre polishing cloth.


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SKU: 6-354-68 Camden (MIF)


A new range of ornate embossed silver nickel plated photo frames for 6 x 4 inch, 7×5 inch, 8×6 inch and 10×8 inch pictures. The range includes highly polished styles, finely embossed detail and antique style finishes. All frames feature an easily removeable velour strut back and are suitable for free standing display in either direction. Frames come bubblewrapped and boxed and make an ideal anniversary, Christmas, Christening or birthday present, or maybe as a treat just for you. Try displaying in a small group or as a mixture along with other shabby chic and vintage ornate frames in our ranges. Supplied with our microfibre polishing cloth

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Weight 0.7495716908 lbs
Dimensions 9.4488188880 × 9.0551181010 × 1.1811023610 in